Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Experts

Some of the people I keep running into and keep reading about on the subject of real-time java:
  • Douglas E. Jensen, he operates the real-time.org website, which sadly hasn't seen a update in almost 2 years. Nonetheless, the material presented on his site is still valid in its fundamentals that I consider required reading.
  • Doug Locke was over a long time in charge of the reference implementation of the RTSJ at Timesys. I had the honor of meeting him, a very bright and knowledgeable man.

  • Peter Dibble is the author of 'Real-Time JAVA Platform Programming', a very well written book that explains software control problems and their solutions -- not necessarily just for Java.
  • Kelvin Nilsen is the CTO of Aonix (formerly NewMonics) and sometimes holds classes and seminars on the subject. He holds numerous patents on real-time programming and garbage collection.

  • Fridtjof Siebert, and the company he founded aicas located in Germany approaches memory garbage collection from a new perspective (sorta revolutionary as to what Newmonics did a few years ago). This company deserves to be on the 'watch list' for anyone doing embedded development.

There are quite a few more to mention, this list will be updated as needed.


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