Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Evening...

... and Welcome!

I've created this blog primarily to post shortcuts to news and developments in the Java embedded / realtime control world, and perhaps summarize and comment on some of the articles.

My background is that I'm a senior developer at a company in the Semiconductor Equipment industry and the principal architect of their next generation machine control system. It is pretty much entirely developed using Java, utilizing different Java VM's for different framework areas. My resume can be found here.

I would like use this blog to network with people in similar (or even not so similar) positions to exchange ideas and find generic solutions to common problems.

I will prime this blog with some articles that I had book-marked over the years, sometime I may even have some commentary. I'll try to do the best to get the initial set of articles into some resemblance of a chronical order, but that may not be too easy, so some stuff may be out of order.

Thanks, and have fun,



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